OE Hotels: A Curated
Collection of Intimate,
Original Experiences


There's something about an original hospitality experience. It activates all five senses; when something is completely new, neither autopilot nor facsimile is an option.

An original charms you, and holds you tight. Maybe that's why you feel such an intimacy, a closeness, in a place that prizes individuality as highly as you do.


Desire is heat of the moment. It emerges from nowhere. And it is strongest with the new, the bold, the unchained.

Yet no matter how long it lasts, the right environment brings out a passion that lives forever in the memory. It leaves you – or better said, you leave it – wanting more.


OE was born to support a curated collection of independent, destination hotels through our second-to-none hotel management.

We manage to your concept; each OE property will exist unto itself, united by our best-in-class service offering. OE is the backbone that lets your individuality shine and ensures a flawless guest experience.

A division of Loews Hotels
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Photography by Josh Lehrer